Values Driven

Content Marketing

3-part online workshop series

Starts Tuesday 24th May

  • You’re a busy business owner who knows the importance of content marketing, but who’s got the time to create it?

  • You want to take a stand on issues that matter to you, you want to SPEAK UP, yet you aren’t sure how that fits with your branding.

  • You are so ready to attract like-minded clients, who also want to leave a positive impact on the world, but you don’t want to offend or turn off the clients you already have.

  • You are wearing so many hats, it feels like there is always something more urgent that needs your attention. Clients, administration, accounts, employees… so your CONTENT gets put to the bottom of the pile over, and over.

We get it. We’ve been there – hell we are still there at times!

But we don’t let it stop us creating values-driven content that sees us showing up in the world in a way we are proud of, connects us with the RIGHT CLIENTS and allows us to make real change on issues that matter to us as a brand and as people in the world.

We want to share our tips and strategies with you, so you can feel confident in your content marketing, solid in your business brand and tie it altogether in a Values-Driven Brand. 

You will walk away with a strategic 12-month plan for your content marketing – personalised to your brand values and strengths. As well as cornerstone pieces of content crafted and edited.

Over three powerful sessions we will:

  • craft a 12-month Digital Marketing Plan for your business and help you to feel confident about your content plan and process.
  • develop content pillars and get clear on what values-driven elements are a good fit for your business and brand. Develop a roll-out plan for how you will show up for causes that matter to you and how that fits with your ‘business marketing’ (spoiler alert – it’s all easier and can be more aligned than you expect).
  • get busy co-creating and editing pieces of content so you are ready to implement your plan with ease.

The Digital Content Plan we create for you will include social media, your website, email and video content, as well as some out of the box ideas you might not have even thought of.

You will also be given the tips and tools to create this content easily and repurpose it well, saving you time and sanity while promoting your business and having the impact you wish to have on the world around you.

Sound good?

Hi, I’m Elle,

I am a multi-passionate creative, business engineer, dreamer, writer, speaker, and life-long entrepreneur.

My happy place is working with clients to sort out their business planning, digital strategies, and day-to-day operations so they can focus on doing the work they love.

I LOVE to reverse-engineer even the most audacious of goals, so you give me the vision and I’ll give you back the road-map to get there and travel along to support you every step of the way.

I’ve been working in digital marketing and content creation for over 12 years, both as a business owner and for 100s of small business clients, in a wide range of industries.

I am increasingly passionate about using my business platform to change the world in big and small ways so I can leave the planet a little better than how I found it. I can’t wait to share my knowledge and experience to help you improve your content marketing strategy, feel confident about sharing your business values as part of your marketing, and make life easier for you at the same time.

The Details

3 part live workshop

Delivered online

Investment $550 (incl. GST)

Live Sessions:

Tuesday 24th May, 9am – 12pm AEST

Tuesday 31st May, 9am – 12pm AEST

Tuesday 7th June, 9am – 12pm AEST