Content Marketing

Full Day Workshop

8am – 4pm Thursday 16th June

City Location TBC – Townsville

You’re a busy business owner who knows the importance of content marketing, but whose got the time to create it?

You are wearing so many hats, it feels like there is always something more urgent that needs your attention. Clients, administration, accounts, employees… we get it. We’ve been there – hell we are still there at times!

That’s why we created the The Content Marketing Full Day Workshop.

You will walk away with a Strategic 12-month Plan for your content marketing – personalised to your brand values and strengths. As well as cornerstone pieces of content crafted and edited.

The first half of the day we will discuss strategy, craft a Digital Marketing Plan for your business and help you to feel confident about your content plan and process.

After a relaxing (and delicious) lunch break, we will get busy co-creating and editing pieces of content so you are ready to implement your plan with ease.

The Digital Content Plan we create for you will include social media, your website, email and video content, as well as some out of the box ideas you might not have even thought of. But you will also be given the tips and tools to create this content easily and repurpose it well, saving you time and sanity while promoting your business.

Sound good?

Hi, I’m Elle,

I am a multi-passionate creative, business engineer, dreamer, writer, speaker, and life-long entrepreneur.

My happy place is working with clients to sort out their business planning, digital strategies, and day-to-day operations so they can focus on doing the work they love.

I LOVE to reverse-engineer even the most audacious of goals, so you give me the vision and I’ll give you back the road-map to get there and travel with along to support you every step of the way.

I’ve been working in digital marketing and content creation for over 12 years, both as a business owner and for 100s of small business clients, in a wide range of industries. I can’t wait to share my knowledge and experience to help you improve your content marketing strategy and make life easier for yourself at the same time.

All the Details

$220 (including GST)
Ticket price covers lunch and refreshments

Thursday 16th June 2022
9am – 4pm

Location TBC – Central Townsville