28 – 30 May, 2022

Esplanade Hotel Fremantle



30% SOLD

You are amazing. Like, incredible at your craft. You’re inventive to the core – you are a Business owners, entreprEneur or a creative in business.

Still, being an entrepreneur is a little different than you’d imagined.

The Conference is a business conference with a creative twist.

Bursting with meaningful development advice, inspirational stories, and speakers with a whole lot of heart, The Conference shows you the pathway to dream, build, and maintain your business in an artful way.

The Conference is a GAME-CHANGER

for passionate entrepreneurs and self-employed creatives and makers just like you.





What is it?

You should be able to sell your beautiful product or service online. After all, no one knows your ‘thing’ better than you. But you’ve already come to realise the marketing and promotion side of business is a struggle.

You’ve read all the blogs, you’ve downloaded all the freebies, and now you’re ready for a group of women who’ve gone before you to tell you the truth.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as ‘creative’, this event is for you. If you are a small business owner who thinks outside the box, a creative, an entrepreneur, if you know you have something wonderful to offer the world, and build a successful business at the same time, you belong at The Conference.

Because it’s not enough to be wonderful at what you do, you need easy to consume, actionable advice from people who’ve done what you’d like to so you can improve your business and your bottom line.



Our past attendees have told us this event is like COMING HOME. Being in business can be tough and if you don’t have people who ‘get it’ it can be down-right lonely. The Conference is a place to connect with business owners, creative entrepreneurs and amazing and inspiring people who share your passion and enthusiasm for building a life on their own terms. 


While we want to make sure you LEARN and feel INSPIRED by attending The Conference, our biggest goal is to ensure that it provides you a safe space to CULTIVATE your already amazing and inspiring ideas and businesses. We give you the tools, strategies and examples to help you make smart business decisions but you already have the creativity and talent, so let’s cultivate that. 


Create space, create profit, create connections, create change and create more of whatever it is you want in your business and life. This event is designed to help you create whatever it is you want out of your business and for your business so you can pursue your creative passions, while also building financial success for your business and your family.

DON’T MISS OUT – only 80 tickets

And we are 30% sold already

If it sounds like this is the event for you but you can’t commit to what you’re having for lunch tomorrow,

let alone book an event one year out, don’t panic.

Click the button below and we will get all the details out to you as we lock in speakers and venues etc.

There will be plenty of time to plan and purchase your tickets later on, when you are ready!


Access to The Conference

28 & 29th May 2022


Morning tea, Lunch & Afternoon tea


Two full days of learning, connection and fun


12 months access to the conference recordings





Everything included in the conference ticket


+ A Mastermind day 9am – 1pm 30th May 2022


2 Group Coaching calls – held June 2022 & July 2022





What Is The Conference?

This event is a business conference with a difference. It is an event that focuses on creating, building and maintaining a successful business in an artful and authentic way.

The Conference is more than a 2-day conference, it is a network of creative businesses, creative minds, and supportive entrepreneurs.

Through The Conference we take the boring away from business and get right to the essentials – jazz it up with some creative flair and take on the business world in a whole new way!

Over the two days you will attend keynote presentations and workshops run by our powerhouse presenters.

Who Is The Conference For?

If you are a small business owner or self-employed; if you are someone who thinks outside the box, a creative, an entrepreneur, a maker; if you know there is more to work than the typical 9-5 and you know you have something to offer the world, then this event is for you!

If you would love to know how to push yourself and your business to start making things happen – this is the event for you!

If you are looking to start a business, or venture into business on your own – this event is a great starting point for you and your business.

It’s for business coaches, writers, makers, designers, bloggers, health and well-being specialists, artists, marketers and all those passion driven, heart-centred business types.

The Conference is where creative enthusiasm meets business sense!

How is this Event different?

All of our speakers are walking their talk. They are building powerful and PROFITABLE brands while also creating change in their communities and they are excited to share with you what they know.

I'm travelling from interstate, what about COVID?

We are aware that the world is an uncertain place right now – so we what to make sure we make things as certain and as straight forward for you as possible.

If the event is canceled due to COVID you will receive a full refund.

If the event goes ahead but you are unable to travel due to COVID you will receive 85% refund.

Rare Seed Agency is not liable or responsbile for your travel and accommodation costs so please ensure you’ve checked the relevant refund policies.

How many speakers will there be?

We haven’t confirmed the 2022 details as yet but there will be somewhere between 9 and 12 amazing speakers all who can genuinely share their wisdom and experience to help you build and grow your business.

Is the event catered?

The core event is fully catered. Meaning Saturday and Sunday we have you covered with Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and all the beverages you need throughout the day.

Social Events are Pay Your Own Way and are not covered in your ticket price.

I Have Food Allergies – Can You Cater For Me?

We sure can! We are yet to announce the venue as we are waiting to confirm details but we can promise that food allergies will be catered for and we simply ask that you let us know at the time of registration exactly what your food requirements are.

Does the ticket include accommodation?

No. The ticket price is for the Event only. You are responsible for any travel and accommodation costs.

I don't have a business yet? Is this event right for me?

Do I Need To Have A Business Already?
Short answer – NO!

If you are craving something different, have considered starting a business or even just a blog to see where it goes, you will learn so much to help you take those first few steps.

I Have Been In Business For Years – Will I Learn Anything?

YES! The incredible speakers have so much knowledge to impart to you, not to mention the calibre of the attendees.

You also get access to all of the previous event materials which cover a variety of business aspects from social media, money and profit, legals, e-newsletters, online selling, branding, business planning, business building and so much more.

What Is The Dress Code For The Event?

Smart casual. Wear something that you are going to be comfortable in as the focus of the event is on the work and the learning you will do over the two days. Wear clothes that are YOU!

This is not your typical business conference so suits and such are only welcome if that is what you feel most comfortable in.

Can I Bring My Kids?

We want to make it clear that babies under the age of 9 months are welcome to attend the event with you. 

There will not be facilities to care for children any older than this but we understand new babies need their mums and so prams and bubs are more than welcome at the event. We do ask that you respect the other guests and if bub is having a cry that you leave the room until they have settled again.