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Welcome to

Rare Seed

summer school

Welcome to

Rare Seed

summer school

make sure you are ready to make 2021 Your year,

I invite you to join me for

rare seed Summer school

4 Week Business Development program to set you up for success in 2021

Business is full of learnings, un-learnings and a fair amount of trial and error – but in these 4 weeks I will share with you the 4 fundamental elements for building a profitable and successful business in 2021.

INCLUDING how to make sure your business fits you and your lifestyle so it is not only fun but sustainable in the long term!

We will get the foundations solid so you can have your best year yet.


Rare Seed Summer school is for business owners who are excited to grow in 2021.

If you already know a thing or two about running a business but want to get crystal clear on your strategy in 2021 so you can start kicking big goals – summer school is designed specifically for you.

THIS PROGRAM is for you if you want a plan for 2021 that you

can get excited about but also feel confident to implement

What you Get

This program is NOT about holding your hand or doing the work for you because where does that leave you at the end of the course? You need to learn and understand the skills of how to do this for yourself.

What you will get is experienced advice, group coaching, and ready-made templates to ensure you are set up for an amazing year in 2021 because you’ll have a strong strategic plan behind you. That means you can make it a successful year, despite what might come your way!

4 x Live Workshops

These will focus on business fundamentals and set you up with a plan for 2021 that is actionable and will get you to your goals! 

4 x Group Coaching

 These sessions allow you to ask all the questions and help craft the lessons to suit your business and lifestyle. 

Fillable Workbook

To cement your learning and take immediate action and know exactly what you need each month for the whole year.

PLUS – you’ll get 3 months access to the course videos and a private facebook group!

Get access to the pre-work on January 4th

8 live calls will be held between January 18th and February 12th 2021

What will you actually learn?



Pre Work - Get Clear

Get settled in, meet your fellow students, and do a bit of soul searching. You’ll have a guided workbook to help you unpack exactly what it is you want in 2021, and take stock of exactly where you are right now.


Week 1 - Goal Setting

Real goal setting empowers you on a daily basis to know what decisions to make and what tasks should take priority. You’ll learn the 90 day action method and how to customise it for you.


Week 2 - Money Talks

We look at systems that will help you better understand how your money is working, how profitable your business really is. We look at ways to track and stack your revenue and what you can do to increase your actual profit.


Week 3 - Marketing Strategy

We will look at ways you can show up with more consistency and a clearer message, as well as what systems you can utilise to make the whole process easy and fun. We create a content strategy for the next 12 months.


Week 4 - Action and Implementation

How do you take what you’ve learnt and put it into action? We cover the habits and strategies that will support you long after the program is finished so you can keep taking inspired action.


Bonus Module - Review and Revise

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that we need to be ready to adapt and adjust. This bonus module will teach you exactly what you need to do to assess your success and adjust your plans based on results and external changes.

The skills you learn in this program will stay with you throughout 2021 and beyond!

Let me take a minute to introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Elle

Founder and Director here at Rare Seed Agency, I love empowering business owners to thrive by providing strategic direction and operational support.

Working in the online business space for over a decade I have helped hundreds of business owners through coaching, courses, consulting and in recent years as an Online Business Manager.

My team and I work with change makers, risk takers, creative entrepreneurs – the rare seeds – to help them regain control of their business.

As a side gig I also run Artful Business Events which delivers business events dedicated to supporting creative, mission-driven and out of the box businesses. Helping them sort out their money, marketing and planning without losing the special sauce that makes them the force they are in the world.

Are you ready to Set yourself up for your best year yet?

rare seed summer school is for you if:

  • You know a thing or two about business, but you still feel a bit scattered about what to prioritise.


  • You’re ready to scale your business, but can’t imagine what that looks like on a practical level because you already feel so busy.


  • You LOVE the work you do, the impact your business has on the world and some of your clients, but you’re not loving your business right now – it feels harder and heavier than it should.


  • You have tried planning before and it never felt like you actually followed it or implemented it in the actual day-to-day of business


THIS PROGRAM is for you if you want a plan for 2021 you

can get excited about but also feel confident to implement

Two payment options available


Bonus for paying upfront –

ONE 60 min 1:1 Coaching Session



2 payments – 4 weeks apart to help with cash flow

(No additional cost for payment option!)

2 payments of $300

Interested but not sure if it’s what you need?

Book a free chat with elle