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Get Serious Marketing Brainstorm and Planning Session


You’ll complete a questionnaire before the session to help get you in the right mindset and give me all the information I need. I’ll also spend 1 hour or so prepping by looking over any details you can provide me, looking at your online assets and researching competitors in the market.

We meet for a 2-3 hour business brainstorming and planning session online using Zoom – we can do this over 2 90min sessions if preferred.

After the session I will do a further 1-2 hours of work on the plan for you. You will then receive a video of the session, a detailed report customised to your unique business and needs, including recommendations and big ideas to help move forward. You also get a draft Marketing Plan that you can tweak but that is customised to suit your business and your goals moving forward.

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NOTE – Your pre-session questionnaire which MUST be completed at least 7 days prior to the session. If your form is not received by this time, your session time will be rescheduled.


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