Are You Ready to

Cultivate Growth?

Step by (micr0) step guidance, supporting you to

build the Foundations your business needs to cultivate real growth

and profit without losing sight of what matters most.



Part online course, part mastermind, part personalised coaching and

strategy this is a program that is all about getting you the support

you need to reach your goals in 2021.

A Business foundations program LIKE


This is not a MAGIC BULLET, it’s not a ONE SIZE FITS ALL business strategy, it is a year-long, detailed development program that will take you step-by-step through creating your own strategy and business model that SERVES YOU and sets you up ready for CULTIVATING GROWTH!

business can be profitable and fun – if you build it to suit you!

How long is your BUsiness to-do list? The wish list of things you would do for your business – if you only had time?


CUlTIVATING growth is a program designed to help you prioritise the right things, focus on the stuff that matters and set up the foundations so you can scale your business with ease.

Let me take a minute to introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Elle

Founder and Director here at Rare Seed Agency, I love empowering business owners to thrive by providing strategic direction and operational support.

Working in the online business space for over a decade I have helped hundreds of business owners through coaching, courses, consulting and in recent years as an Online Business Manager.

My team and I work with change makers, risk takers, creative entrepreneurs – the rare seeds – to help them regain control of their business.

As a side gig I also run Artful Business Events which delivers business events dedicated to supporting creative, mission-driven and out of the box businesses. Helping them sort out their money, marketing and planning without losing the special sauce that makes them the force they are in the world.

THIS PROGRAM is the closest thing to having your own business manager

and strategist without forking out the fees that come with that OPTION.

I’ve seen over and over again the impact it has when small actions are taken in your business CONSISTENTLY! Paced out over the whole of 2020 this program will see you not only learning but also IMPLEMENTING CHANGE as we go – because that’s how you will actually see results and gain momentum.

To work with me and my team one-to-one is an investment of around $3,000 per month. This year long program is going to cost you less than a third of that! And you’ll still have access to my 10 years of experience in digital entrepreneurship, my 10 more years experience in small business development, training and HR as well as my business engineering skills that will help you take these lessons and craft them to suit you.

You’ll have regular access to me, my team and a host of amazing guest teachers to help you learn the business strategies that work AND, more importantly, have the time and support to make them fit your lifestyle, values and goals for yourself and your business.

What you Get

This program is NOT about holding your hand or doing the work for you – but it IS about giving you the real, simple truths of running a successful and scalable business. No BS, no HYPE, no FALSE PROMISES. Just structure, systems and learnings that will allow you to GROW!

Live classes with amazing business owners who want to see you thrive and will share with us their expertise.

Office Hours & Live Q&As to allow you to ask all the questions and help craft the lessons to suit your business and life.

Co-Working Sessions & Implementation Days. Learning is all well and good but this program is all about TAKING ACTION.

Fillable Worksheets that allow you to cement your learning and take immediate action. 

Bite-Sized Video Tutorials allowing you to learn in your own time and at your own pace – audio available too.

Ready Made Templates to kick start your systems with these plug and play templates, canned emails and checklists.

Are you ready to take action and cultivate growth in your business?

EPIC business learnings – broken into bite-sized chunks

So often I see business owners pushing harder, focusing on BS marketing tactics and generally feeling overwhelmed with all the BUSY work.

What’s been game-changing for me and my business in the last two years is going back to basics, taking the time to set myself up properly and prioritising the work that actually has IMPACT – and bothering to figure that out – because it’s rarely what you assume it is.

Interwoven throughout the whole year will be pillars of running a business with a mission, inclusion and diversity and how to make that a daily part of your business (it’s a work in progress for me too), making money without compromising your values and doing business your OWN WAY!


Get settled in, meet your fellow students, find your way around our members portal and Facebook Group. Receive your pre-course homework so you’re ready to kick off in February.

We trouble shoot exactly what is happening in your business right now, what’s taking its toll on your energy and, time-wise, come up with strategies to fix it so you have space for learning,

Real goal setting empowers you on a daily basis to know what decisions to make and what tasks should take priority. You’ll learn the 90 day action method and how to customise it for you.

The all-important MONEY TALK. We look at systems that will help you better understand how your money is working, how profitable your business really is and what you can do to increase your profits.

Argh marketing! I know you love this stuff, but I promise to make it fun and easier than you ever thought possible. We will look at ways you can show up more and systems to make that process easy.

A chance to FOCUS on the shitty little things that you just move from to-do list, to the next to-do list but never action.
I’m talking business registrations, domain registration, hosting, insurance etc.  

Are your contactor agreements binding? What about your refund policies or terms and conditions? Have you even heard of a terms of use for your website? We’ll cover it all including advice from experts.

We’ve started to get the foundations in place, now let’s practice playing a bigger game. We’ll look at what it really takes to uplevel, grow and be mentally ready for the next big step in your business.

What do you actually sell? How can people work with you? Can you leverage your skills in a different way and have greater impact? We will also look at your messaging and how you SELL your offers.

You’ll learn how to develop a content plan that supports exactly what you sell. We will craft content for your biz and set up systems to make it easy to deliver to your ideal client, CONSISTENTLY.  

How do you take what you’ve learnt this year and apply it over and over again? How do you stay on track when you finish the program? We will look at a five-year plan and craft strategies to support you.

A chance to ask questions about any part of the program, plan and set yourself up for success into the future but most importantly CELEBRATE the year that’s been and all you’ve achieved!

CultivatING Growth is for you if:

You suspect there are more efficient ways of doing lots of the work in your business – but your too busy and time-poor to work out what they might be.

You’re ready to scale your business but can’t imagine what that looks like on a practical level because you already feel so busy.

You LOVE the work you do, the impact your business has in the world and some of your clients, but you’re not loving your business right now – it feels harder and heavier than it should.



Two payment options available:


Bonus for paying upfront –

three 60 min 1:1 Coaching Sessions



Easy monthly payments for 12 months

(QUarterly payment option aslo available) 


sound like the structure and support you need to THRIVE in 2021? 

Interested but not sure if it’s what you need?

Book a free chat with elle